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Liver and Bacon


Liver & BaconTraditional liver and bacon is a great British favourite, iron-rich it is the perfect hearty autumn supper. It is packed full of flavour and bursting with vitamins and minerals making it the perfect choice for the health conscious among us.


For each person you will need:-

2lb Liver
1 medium onion, sliced
Bacon – e.g double rasher of unsmoked middle
A generous slice of liver, about 1.5cm thick



Sweat the onion gently in a little oil until it is translucent and tender, then turn up the heat a little so that it browns slightly – be careful not to burn it.

At the same time, start frying your bacon in a separate pan. When it is done how you like it, transfer it from the pan to a warmed plate in the oven. Fry the liver in the bacon fat for 3-4 minutes (or more if you don’t like it pink). turning once.

Serve the liver on the warmed plate with a spoonful of fried onions, the bacon, a good dollop of mash and some mustard.