150 Years of quality & excellence

serving the people of Cockermouth...

Our Future

With each generation come new ideas, and a fresh outlook on the business and this one is no exception.

The shops Cumberland Sausage has gathered quite a reputation over the years with people coming in and quite literally filling cool boxes with it to take home, stocking up until their next trip to Cumbria. They often ask if the shop does mail order but until now it is not something they have generally considered.

With a steady flow of customers from outside the area, and regulars queued out the door at peak times Richard Lindsay feels that it may be time to branch out and create an online side to the business.

“The plans are still at an early stage and we are testing the waters with the website first, but if all goes well we will be looking to add the online shop at some point in the near future.” explains Richard “We plan to concentrate on a few core products to start with, adding new ones through time as we see how things go.”

Richard is no stranger to the challenge of starting new enterprises having launched Lakeland Hog Roast a couple of years ago. Things have grown steadily and he is now a regular feature at events and parties across the county. “They are a talking point and something different for those that don’t want a conventional party or wedding,” says Richard.

In 2013 the business has extended and opened a new delicatessen on Station Street offering an array of cooked meats, pies, cakes and bakes and much more......